Monday, September 24, 2012

Never forget. Ever...

You all have been hearing me complain about pregnancy for nine months now. And I have no shame in saying that I hate it. I am very happy for everyone else who loves pregnancy (not really), but it's just not my thing, and I do not believe it has any bearing on what type of mom I will be.

I know the second this baby comes out, that I am going to fall under a spell in which I completely forget how much I hated all the awful things I had to go through with pregnancy. While I do plan to have additional children, I want to warn/remind myself in advance of everything I hated before I make any rash decisions... and time is running out.

So. Future Lauren: just remember...

Our baby is due in 5 days. I have already been in some sort of active, yet false labor two times, and I am losing my mind. Pregnancy is a perfect science. It makes you so miserable towards the end that you actually look forward to pushing a baby out. If you could send some labor-inducing thoughts my way, I would really appreciate it!


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