Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preparing for your unborn child...

I have bought almost nothing for our baby. One, I am just going to hold out until I know the gender because I really don't understand gender-neutral baby clothes. All the ones I see still look either distinctly girl or boy to me. Two, every time I go to Target or Babies R Us to start "stocking up," I get completely overwhelmed and leave empty handed... and at this point I have one free diaper that I got from my doctor's pregnancy "goody bag."

Picking a stroller is especially stressful. As in, I feel like my kid won't get into college if I manage to screw up the stroller. There are so many options and I want to pick something that is a good balance of cost efficient (meaning it can be used in infancy and toddlerhood), attractiveness (because duh), and functionality (meaning the stroller isn't janky and our baby will be safe). So far, I seem to be most comfortable with the Chicco stroller systems. They seem to be pretty versatile, and the design is very basic and non-offensive. If any of you have any stroller insight, I would GREATLY appreciate the feedback. 

The same goes with pack-n-plays, swings, bouncy seats, baby carriers, etc.. HELP ME!!! What does your baby love? What does your baby hate? What was a huge waste of money? What do you regret not buying from the beginning? I need to know, people. Or else our baby is going to end up sleeping in Eleanor's kennel. 

So there is one thing I have bought for our baby. This one was super easy, a no-brainer as they say...
Trumpette mocs
Because every baby needs gold driving moccasins. These are pretty gender neutral if you ask me. We're either have a girl or a flamboyant European boy. Either way, they will wear these and they will love them. And we will take pictures together of baby in the mocs and mommy in her gold glitter loafers. 

So there you have it. The only thing I have purchased is shoes. For someone who can't even walk. 



  1. The chicco strollers are the best...we love ours! I also am pretty in love with the BOB jogging stroller (if you plan on jogging after the took me awhile to get there post baby). We LOVE the pack and plays...we have one at our house and then 1 at each of the grandparents house, Graco makes the best one in my opinion. Bouncy seats are pretty good to have at first, but I didn't go out and get a new one, just borrowed one from a friend for the first few months. I'm sure i'll think of more fun stuff. I'm pretty in love with baby items :)

    1. peppermint bliss - bailey has a bunch of good helpful posts with stuff for babies! she did a 1 to 4 month one and then another recet 5 to 6 month one. look on her blog and check it out!!! SO EXCITED FOR Y'ALL! keep the posts comin :)

  2. she has a "babies" link!

  3. I agree on the bouncy seat, swings and things of that nature you can borrow and figure out if you baby likes them, don't buy them right away. #1 hated the bouncy seat, #2 loves it. I love my bumbleride indie stroller, I loved it so much I bought the double. They are slightly expensive, but they take car seats, and the tires are all terrain, so they are more durable than the 4 wheel ones like chicco. The mclaren is a good "umbrella" stroller. I love the chicco keyfit 30 carseat, it is the best in my opinion. You can get one of those and keep it gender neutral, and same with the stroller. If you want to buy something, I would start with the crib, cuz that can be gender neutral. Also a pack n play is great to have as well, especially the ones that have the bassinet part. I have so many opinions, and with 2 kids I have found some things work and some don't, and each kid is so different. So just call me if you want to chat baby things. I would love to help, and it would be fun to catch up. 832-741-4963. I agree with you on the gender neutral stuff, I'm all about knowing. I also read your morning sickness post, it can be pretty bad. Glad you're feeling slightly better. I also used to cry at my husband about everything, I had some pretty weird side effects from pregnancy.