Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Matching family style: blue leopard

Everyone - man, woman, or child - needs some bright blue leopard in their wardrobe, no? It makes a lot of sense when you really think about it. Totally normal.

So I cheated a little on this one. Obviously, there is no such thing as blue leopard clothing for baby boys, but Baby Gap romper and the high tops would coordinate well. I did find these blue leopard leg warmers on etsy that would be a PERFECT match... but even I would not put my son in leopard leg warmers. The inspiration for this board is the leopard swim trunks. I actually might buy these for my husband, and he actually said that he'd be cool with it. He did, however, preview this post and laugh at the men's leopard sweatshirt that he would clearly never wear. The child's leopard costume was changed to blue by some photoshop action. I couldn't help myself. I REALLY love the grey and blue blouse. I tried that on at Francesca's a couple weekends ago but decided the sleeves were a little too snug on me. Also, I love love love this leopard skirt from Francesca's, but they currently do not make a size that will accommodate my ass.


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