Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Texas bluebonnets...

I wonder if anyone who has never seen a field of bluebonnets can understand what a big effing deal it is when that time of year comes around and they're all over Texas. They come every single year, yet I never stop freaking out when I see them for the first time. If you're reading this, and you're not from Texas there are a couple things you need to understand... Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower. Every year around mid-March they start popping up in fields and along rural highways, and stick around for about a month. Some years are better than others, as in some years you will see an ocean of dense violet glow (pictured below), and other years, you are lucky to have a big enough patch to take pictures in.

This past weekend, Thomas and I went to the lakehouse in Marble Falls, and I think every time there was a cluster of 10 or more bluebonnets along the way we had to point it out to each other and discuss whether we thought it was a good "patch" or not... and sometimes we argued about it. Being married is awesome. Anyway, we drove to Marble Falls from Houston (4 hours) noting what would be the absolute best place to stop and take pictures. Turns out, the best place was outside of Marble Falls in Spicewood. The following is what happened. Our dogs really didn't give a shit about the flowers, but they pulled it together for the photoshoot

Sometimes, if you're really lucky, they even pop up in your back yard. Seriously, how photogenic are our doggies?

If you've never seen bluebonnets in person, you need to add it to your bucket list. It may be difficult to understand how flowers can be such a big deal, BUT THEY ARE. JUST TRUST US.

All Texans

PS - I learned this weekend that it is NOT illegal to to pick bluebonnets. Not that you should ever do it, but it's important that we all have the facts.

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