Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where do I begin?

Life has gotten kind of out of control lately. In a good way, but in a blog-neglecting way as well.

Henry is 9 months old today, and tomorrow is my final weigh in. I honestly think I am going to be ONE pound off. ONE. It really is fine, because I could easily get rid of one pound in an extra week... but to have lost 29 lbs instead of 30 is kind of dumb. I will let you know tomorrow! Here is a picture taken this weekend that I feel reflects some weight loss...

We are adding a big patio onto the back of our house and the workers started today. With a napping baby and two nutty dogs, it's a lot of tension.

We went to my parents' lake house all last week in Marble Falls. It was a really great place to be for the 4th of July. We entered the parade, and Henry got his first swing. I guess the judges couldn't fully appreciate my vision, because we didn't win...

Henry is crawling now which means I literally can't do anything while he is awake. We still haven't baby proofed the house or bought baby gates, so I have to watch him every second...

BUT ALL OF THAT IS SMALL POTATOES! I am in the process of starting a business. I already have an etsy store where I sell invitations and digital art. That part of the store has remained pretty small because I have been booked up doing custom work for friends. Which is so much fun, by the way, and if you are ever interested in a custom invitation, I would be happy to work with you! Also, if you see something somewhere else that you like, I can re-create most stuff as well. 

So what is this business, you ask? Remember the stroller cooling pad I made for Henry a couple weeks ago? Well, it has been a huge hit with other moms, and I quickly realized that I had something special on my hands. I am looking to launch everything on Thursday. It has been a lot of hard work. I got in the water ONCE while being at the lake for a week because I was sewing my life away. Here is a small sneak peek!

I will let you guys know when everything goes live this week! Stay tuned and thanks for checking in!


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