Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching up...

I was at my parents' lakehouse all last week helping them move into their new house. I planned to post occaisionally, but it never happened. Then Thomas came in for the weekend, and I was too wrapped up in my man to spend time on the computer.

I want to share my diet with y'all. It's called the Whole9 Life. It's not a weight-loss diet, it's more of a health-based anti-inflammatory diet. Basically, you only eat nutrient dense food and cut out any food that spikes your insulin levels and/or irritates your intestinal tract. Of course, when you eat no carbs or sugar, weight loss is typically a side effect, and I immediately dropped like 3 lbs.

Here's the breakdown of what I am NOT eating:
-Dairy... yes, even cheese and queso
-Carbs... zero bread or grains
-Sugar... When you can't have dairy or carbs, the only way you really get sugar is by adding it on top of things. I also can't use any artificial sweeteners because it still causes an insulin response. Sugar from fruit is fine.
-Beans, corn, peanuts, granola

Here is what I CAN eat:
-Meat... basically any meat including eggs.
-Vegetables... as much as you want.
-Nuts and fruit... fine to eat, but in limited quantities.
-Olive Oil for food, avocado oil for cooking

It has been REALLY hard. While I've already been eating pretty healthy for a while now, cutting out carbs completely is almost impossible. I felt like crap the first two days, but I'm doing great now... and I feel like I haven't had any incidents of my stomach hurting or being upset. I have definitely been eating more fruit than recommended, but when your addiction to bread and frozen yogurt is as deep as mine, you need a little help with detoxing... fruit is my "nicotine patch" as I have been calling it.

If this sounds a lot like a paleo diet, it is. You end up pretty much eating and not eating the same types of foods, but Whole9 is not specifically modeled after what the caveman would or wouldn't eat. The whole philosophy is "will this food make me more healthy or less healthy?"

I am not an expert on diet or nutrition, but if you're looking to shake things up with a new approach to health, I've bought in to this so far. But you have been warned... Eating this way is really difficult, and there is a lot of sacrifice. And "cheating" of any sorts defeats the entire purpose so if you're not ready to let go of sugar in your coffee, then it's not for you.


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