Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diaper bag dilema...

Need your help. Diaper bags, people. I already know what silouhette I would like and it is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliza-baby nylon bag. When I worked at Miss Jackson's, we randomly got one of these diaper bags in, and I remember thinking how the hell are we going to sell this? Well, we sold two actually. Anyway, I am familiar with the bag and it's size, and I feel it will be a great match for baby and I. The problem is: WHAT COLOR!?!?!?!?

Things to consider... There is a chance that Thomas may have to carry it from time to time. But I have already told him to DEAL WITH IT. I like the black because I won't get sick of it. I like the nude because it's really basic/modern and will go with all my outfits (nike shorts). I love the print because it's fun, and I need to make the other moms jealous. 

There is a poll where you can vote on the left, and I would love to see what y'all think. There is a zero percent guarantee that I will end up buying the winner, but I need to know ahead of time how much people love/hate my diaper bag. Also, if you know of some magical diaper bag that changes your baby for you, be sure and let me know!


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