Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I thought I would give my photoshop skills a whirl and see if I could come up with a better baby picture. Turns out, I created a believable adult offspring of ours, but I don't really have the patience to make this hybrid look like a baby. So I slapped a baby hat on it, and voila...

I died laughing after my first rough draft of this. It really does look like both of us, but the 5 o clock shadow is a little offputting. Also, babies don't have a full set of teeth or wear earrings. Well, our baby won't wear earrings.

This was super easy to do in photoshop, and if you have any submissions, I would be happy to oblige! It should be noted, that I don't actually have photoshop. I have some weird "photostudio" that came free with my digital camera. I have to say, considering it was free and adobe is megaexpensive, it's awesome.


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