Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Famous people talk to me...

If you haven't yet got the memo, I am fiercely dedicated to Bravo. I will literally watch anything on that channel, and typically do. In the past month, I have probably watched the RHOAtlanta reunion like 10 times.

Another thing to understand is that I rarely use twitter. For me, twitter exists solely for the purpose of stalking celebrities and tweeting them from time to time. And by celebrities, I mean Bravo-lebrities. At one point, I even considered creating a new twitter name that I used solely for my celebrity passion. I feel somewhat self conscious about people seeing me tweet things constantly to Andy Cohen.

Tonight, I was watching the latest episode of RHOC (Real Housewives of Orange County - for those of you with a real life who don't have enough time to watch every single season of housewives). In this episode, Gretchen Rossi, seeks out help for her relationship with Slade Smiley. They are really in love, and would typically be moving forward in terms of marriage and family at this point, but Gretchen basically refuses to do that until he gets his shit together. And his shit is that he has child support issues. Apparently, he used to be mega-rich, but like all idiots in that part of California, he lost all his money and got into trouble by seriously living beyond his means - or at least maxing them out. Unfortunately, his child support payments are based on his salary when he was rich, and he doesn't make much money now. He has been publicly criticized for falling behind on payments, which I agree, is terrible. However, I do logically think it's unfair to hold someone to the same child payments when their employment situation changes dramatically.

Almost everyone on every season of Real Housewives is an idiot. But Gretchen is surprisingly smart. (Probably because she is from Texas aka the real world). She has been very candid about the fact that she isn't going to marry Slade until he works out his debts and clears his name on his financial issues. She even goes to say that she doesn't want to just get married because she's "in love" and pretend that these issues aren't going to be a huge stress and headache once they're married. Smart girl. I was very impressed by this, and felt like sharing my appreciation of her on twitter.

To which she responded...

I'm not like freaking out or anything, but I do get a little bit excited when I get messages from my favorite reality tv stars. I also once got a direct message from Gary Janetti, aka Brad's boyfriend on It's a Brad Brad World. 

Thomas threatened to message back to her with an innapropriate emoticon. Real Mature. 


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