Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You no longer "just" had a baby...

I always knew there would come a time when Henry was old enough that I couldn't rely on his newborn-ness as an excuse for not getting my ass in gear. Well, three months is officially it. I have already been working out since he was 8 weeks old, but the scale has not budged. Not one effing pound.

Breastfeeding is supposed to help the weight come off fast. SUPPOSED TO. I will read posters on mom forums that are like "help! I am losing too much weight! I had an entire tray of cookies today and I still lost weight! I'm starting to get scared." Whereas I had oatmeal, salad, and a lara bar in one day and gained two pounds. This has always been my big (and maybe only) struggle in life, and breastfeeding lied to me about making it easier. I will say that since my body hasn't been good at making milk, maybe it's connected to my inability to lose weight. Perhaps it's like my body can't figure out that there is a years worth of milk fuel in my thighs right now. Whatever.

I need to lost 30 pounds exactly to get to my pre-preggo weight. I worked my ass of for year to lose 15 pounds for our wedding, so I am expecting this to be quite the journey. What I did for the wedding was nine months of running and 1200 calorie diet, two months of mixed workouts and starvation, and one month of crossfit and paleo diet. I lost more in that last month than I did the other 11 combined. Unfortunately, crossfit is still just not feasible. It's like $175/month which was fine when I went 5 times a week. But considering I know I could realistically make it no more than twice a week, it's just too costly. And the paleo diet requires going to the grocery store and cooking almost every single day. That's definitely not happening with a baby this little.

So here's the plan...

And here are my current standings...

The first thing you'll probably see on my plan is Baby Boot Camp. I can't tell you how much I love BBC. It's like regular boot camp except you bring your baby and no one cares is your baby is crying or you threaten to spank your toddler. I was really concerned about not having "mom friends" once Henry was here because I am the first of my BFFs to have a baby. But BBC is daily interaction with really great women who also serve as my personal reference guides when I have questions about mom stuff. (When I have questions = always). 

The rest is pretty self explanatory. I do love the sworkit app for my iPhone. It's has really great randomized workouts that you can program and personalize. And don't you love my motivation jars? Totally ripped that off from pinterest. I will do my best to keep this blog updated with my progress, and I'll try to be less dramatic about it than The Biggest Loser.


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