Friday, January 18, 2013

Henry's favorite things...

Henry is old enough now to start showing preferences for things. The jammies are really just something I love. Zipper + footies = Lauren will buy. Plus, they're from carters so they are pretty affordable. He LOVES that moose toy. The feet are crunchy and he puts them in his mouth whenever he can. The music player makes him talk like crazy... and even laugh occasionally. It's saved us from many meltdowns. The gator. The gator is by far his favorite possession. I usually find him taking naps with it pulled up over his face. He likes all blankies, for that matter. I think it's because they're easy for him to grab, hold, and shove in his mouth. The bungee ball is my favorite because it's the only toy he can hold on to for long periods of time. He loves the bibs because it's basically a blankie attached to his body. And he is drooling all the time now, so I like not having his clothes get so gross. Henry never had a mobile mostly because the one I loved was like $200, and I couldn't commit to any that were less expensive. I forced my family to go to IKEA with me this last weekend, and came across this mobile for $10. DONE.


To all my mom friends, is there anything we're missing out on? Did your kids have any life-changing toys that Henry needs? I am a sucker for this kind of stuff so please share!


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