Sunday, January 20, 2013

Curls yall...

Giving unsolicited advice is one of my strengths, but what I want to share with yall today is too life changing to even consider keeping it to myself. I have always been pretty good with hair. I attribute half of this to the fact that my mom literally doesn't even know how to make a braid, so I always had to rely on myself for whatever goofy hair stuff I wanted to do as a little girl. I bought a hairbraiding book in 2nd grade and practiced on my barbies before doing it to myself. I even gave myself hair wraps at one point. And honestly, they were damn good. 

My entire life, I feel like I have been in search of the perfect curl. I've tried everything from a curling iron, to hotrollers, to the flat iron. Each method has it's strengths and weaknesses, but I always knew there was something better out there. 

Then I came across this. It's a devastatingly simply way to curl your hair that results in a wavy look. But for some reason, the curls hold really well. My hair is soft and fine, and it can't hold curl at all unless I straight up Toddlers & Tiaras the hell out of it. 


The results...

I used only a little bit of hairspray at the end, and it pretty much held all night. Then I slept with it in a pony tail and it STILL looked pretty good this morning. (The hair looked good, not me). 

You may still have some questions. Like why are you wearing makeup? How did you have time to shower? Well last night was an oil field event for Tom and Henry's first night with a non-grandma babysitter. It sounds like he did great, and the babysitter said he fell asleep in 30 seconds. I couldn't be more proud. SLEEP TRAINING WORKS, YALL! And speaking of that, tonight we're going to put him to sleep upstairs in his crib for the first time. We've been avoiding it because of convenience, but I'm ready to have our bedroom back and sleep in a room without a white noise machine. Plus, the dogs have woken him up a couple times in the past few weeks. Wish us luck!


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