Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I have a secret...

Yesterday, we found out the gender of our baby. But I can't tell you what it is. Until Saturday. This is because husband had to leave for a business trip almost immediately after our appointment (but not before I made him take me to the fancy baby store and buy some gender-specific items), and we wanted to tell our parents together in person. That little get together will be happening on Saturday, and I am sure I will be sharing the news with everyone else soon after.

It's really hard not to let my pronouns blow it. I have realized that until now we interchangeably have used "his" and "her" when talking about the baby with no real purpose other than it's hard to constantly say "its." People have also already tried to trick us into letting it slip out. NOT WORKING. My OB is the same guy who delivered me 26 years ago, and is still my mom's doctor. You would think they're like best friends, and my pregnancy is definitely the third wheel in their relationship. So I had to tell him that if my mom calls up to "schedule an appointment" that he/his nurse must hang up immediately. 

In the meantime, here is a picture of our little baby...

No, that's the cord. I know because I asked. Obviously, I wouldn't post a picture that made the gender obvious. You can see the baby has ITS little hand up by ITS face. We also saw the baby violently kick me which was pretty cute. I still can't "feel" the baby. At least not in any certain terms. I feel a lot of "stuff" happening in my belly... most of the time it ends up being the pulsation of my own heartbeat. But seeing the baby kick and knowing I didn't feel it reassures me that it will come with time and not to worry. 

Other than that, the baby's ultrasound report came back with "no abnormalities" which is about all you can ask for at this point... Kind of like that's all you can ask for in a spouse. No major abnormalities. And no, that huge head is not an abnormal, it is simply the baby's destiny. I have the same head size as my husband who is 6'4. We have measured several times. 

Three more days and all will be revealed!


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