Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day gifts for the mom-to-be...

Obviously, I am expecting a Mothers Day gift from the husband. I think all pregnant women deserve a mothers day gift, because preggin aint easy. I also believe daddies-to-be deserve a fun Fathers Day gift, and I have something extra special in the works for the hubs.

So here are some things I have seen lately that I think would make great gifts for this one specific occaision. Tom, if you're reading this, these are not necessarily things that I want you to get me, but it's a good guideline. Notice that nowhere in this post have I listed flowers from the grocery store.

Mostly, I like it because it's pretty. But I do enjoy the symbolism of three rings. Mommy, daddy, and baby in the middle. It's a sweet idea and I think any mom would appreciate this. Unless you're having twins... then I guess this might not work. 

Most new moms are probably going to want a Boppy. If you don't know what that is, click here. Anyway, Boppy pillows don't come with many cute fabric choices, and most of them are pretty ugly. Etsy has a lot of options for custom boppy covers, and the best part is that a lot of people will offer MONOGRAMMING. So buy one of these in a cute fabric that matches the nursery or your master bedroom, and get the baby's name put on it. 

She's pregnant, and probably nothing in the apparel department is going to make her feel particularly cool or attractive. A killer pair of heels might be the thing that gets her excited about dressing up again at a time when it's the last thing she wants to do. Plus, everyone loves a fancy pair of shoes. 

If the mom you're shopping for plans to breastfeed and has a good sense of humor, then please buy this. It's a cute knitted beanie for your baby to wear so that you can further freak people out about seeing a woman breastfeed. These hats come in all different skin shades and nipple colors. But if you buy this, please, this cannot be the only gift you get her. It has to be an accessory to a much more sincere token of your appreciation.

I love these custom stork posters by Lay Baby Lay. The idea here is to get something really special for the nursery. The options are endless as are the pricepoints, but if you want something a bit more affordable, this would be a good place to start. (ps- Lay Baby Lay is simply the best when it comes to nursery design inspiration). 

And well, speaking of nurseries. Why not splurge for a really extra-special piece of furniture that you know your lady would love for the nursery? It could be the fancy crib she has had her eye on, an adorable rug, or even hiring someone to paint a cute mural or motif for the baby's room.

Seriously. Hire a maid service, or set up some recurring time that someone can come clean your house. I mean, any PERSON would love this gift... but being pregnant makes housechores even more daunting and annoying. Especially if you are approaching the due date, this would be a good time to get the house in tip-top, santized shape for your baby to come home to. It would also be so nice to have a cleaning service for the first weeks/months that the baby is home so that mom can use her breaks to rest versus clean. 

Cartier Love Bracelet $TOO MUCH...

This one is specifically for my husband, and it is on every giftlist I have ever created since I was 16. I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE BEFORE I DIE. So while I am not specifically recommending this gift for the general public, maybe this would be a good time to get the woman you love that one thing she has always wanted. And in general, nice jewelry is pretty much the default that women never get sick of. 

Alright ladies... What do you want for Mothers Day? Or for all of you that are already moms, what was the best gift you ever got for Mothers Day?


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