Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maternity shopping in the 2nd trimester...

I have basically outgrown everything I own that wasn't completely shapeless to begin with. I knew that my stomach would get big, but nothing could prepare me for the expansion going on in my ass and thighs right now. I'm sure it's not all the baby's fault (I've been eating a lot of Lucky Charms lately), but it's crazy. I have pajama shorts that almost don't fit me anymore. Also, when I first got pregnant I bought a 5-pack of fruit of the loom mens vnecks IN SIZE XL, and I swear my stomach is already putting tension on the shirt.

According to my doctor, my belly is the perfect size for my gestational age, AND I have great muscle tone. I deserve to brag about this to the entire world. GREAT MUSCLE TONE.

The check-out girl at Lowe's today told me that I looked like it was hard for me to breathe. She meant it in a light-hearted way, but I told her that everything is hard when you're pregnant. Including tying your shoes. Yes, it is officially hard for me to tie my shoes, pick up laundry off the floor, walk up stairs, get out of bed, and many other things. Getting off the couch/bed is especially hard because you can't use any of your ab muscles to help you. I basically have to do a combo where I swing my leg to get momentum and then push myself up with my arms. It's as sexy as it sounds.

I have had one breakthrough... as my belly has gotten bigger, it has become less sensitive. There was a period where I couldn't stand to have anything touching or putting pressure on my stomach, but that just kind of magically disappeared. This has made wearing workout clothes (which I am in 90% of the time) much easier.

I have been picking some stuff up along the way. About half of it is maternity, and the other half is still just pregnancy-friendly...

Black striped aggie top by Joie - I found this on sale at Neiman Marcus this week. I actually purchased it in a light blue color, but I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere online. The top is really deceptive in how roomy it is in the belly.
Pink stingray sandals by Miu Miu - Well, I mean, c'mon. They're awesome and I needed them. I actually have wanted these sandals in nude patent leather since January. But valentine's day and mother's day came and went, and I was still without these amazing sandals. Magically, they were on sale at Neiman Marcus. Tip - they are even MORE on sale at the Miu Miu store, but they didn't have my size.
Navy half placket dress by Vince - Sale rack at Neiman Marcus. For when I need to look a little bit fancy. I actually bought this in a long sleeve version.
White boyshorts by BCG - This blog is all about keeping it real. With the opressive heat and my expanding thighs, I have known for a while that summer leg chafing was upon me. I was at academy and found these super thin boyshorts. I bought multiple.
Coral mariposa sandwashed silk dress by Whit - I got this on sale at Gilt, and I am hoping to wear it to one of the summer weddings I will be attending. It's a little on the short side, but eh, yalls can deal with it.
Red ikat skirt from Old Navy - This is the first long skirt I have ever owned. I don't really do maxi length things. Not that I don't like them, but they just never feel like me. Plus, most maxi dresses are kind of bare up top, which really isn't my thing. I loved the print on this skirt so much (and the elastic waist) that I gave this guy a shot.
Maternity skinny jeans by J Brand - Ok, so this is not the actual pair of jeans I bought, but they pretty much look identical. J Brand makes a lot of maternity denim, and I got my pair on Ruelala for $45. They usually run about $200 per pair, so this really was a great deal!
Denim shorts from Old Navy - Not sure if I really like these yet, but I have worn them a couple times and there is nothing more comfortable than that full panel waistband.

I didn't include a picture, but Old Navy has awesome tees and tanks for pregnancy. I finally get why everything maternity is rouched on the side. It's mostly to be more flattering, which it definitelty it.

In case you were wondering, I still don't have the dark line on my stomach, and my innie is still very much an innie.


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