Monday, June 11, 2012

Nursery progress...

It's really happening. We will actually have a nursery in our house. This weekend, Tom and I moved the furniture out of the baby's room, AND I ordered a glider for our little boy.

I have seen some really great gliders online, but went to a local place, Laurie's, to try and save some money. Well, the glider actually ended up being more expensive than the one I liked online, but considering we don't have to pay for shipping... whatever. I am really excited about the fabric we picked, and I have a feeling that the entire room is going to unravel to be something different than I originally planned. In this whole paragraph, when I say "we" I mean my mom and I... NOT the baby's father. That guy later confirmed that he approved of the glider via two words I am very used to: "cool, babe." Not that it mattered, because it had already been ordered at that point.

The baby's glider by Lee...

In this fabric - Sahara Midnight

FYI - when figuring out pricing, we learned that to have it made with a slipcover rather than upholstered it was an extra $500! I've never ordered custom furniture before so this came as a huge shock to me. I truthfully am not the biggest fan of the slipcovered look, but I was considering it because I thought it might be easier to clean baby diarrhea on a slipcover. Well, for $500, I'll take my chances. 


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