Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Now that you know what happened...

Here is everything that I missed...

Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day! I hope you all had a great one! Thomas and I spent ours hanging out with my dad at the hospital, and then having dinner with his parents. Luckily, I arranged all of my husband's gifts pretty far in advance, so I was still able to make it a special Fathers-to-be Day for him.


Thomas got some pretty classic fathers day gifts: socks, boxers, a golf putter thing, etc.. My parents got Thomas (the baby) the stroller as a fathers day slash early birthday gift. The gift being that we don't have to spend money on a stroller. It's the Bumbleride Indie, and after a lot of research, I believe that this stroller rules. Plus, it's all black, which is not as easy to find as you would think. The grand gift finale is a set of tshirts I got for Tom, the dogs, and the baby. Tom has always said that the dogs are his "minions" because, well they are. He has more than established his alpha role with the dogs, and they act accordingly. They still behave for me, but they know mom has a slightly harder time following through when it comes to certain things. So when we found out we were having a baby, Tom then began saying that, like the dogs, the baby would be his minion and follow him around. Time will tell. 

Either way, I had matching tshirts made for all of them with the Dougherty crest and their title...

Washington D.C.

We have had a trip planned for a while to visit my husband's sister and her family in DC. We left the day my dad got out of the hospital, so it was kind of crazy for me to not have any time to decompress after living at the Marriott across from the hospital. Anyway, the trip was really fun and we loved getting to see our family and our niece and nephew. Kids really do grow so fast and it's almost sad when you think about how much they will have changed before we see them again. 

I had already been to DC three times prior to this trip, so it was easy for me to sit out on some of the touristy things due to my gigantic swollen feet and overwhelming sleepiness. Tom got to take a cool bike tour that went all around the national mall, we did go to one museum together, and on Saturday night, we went on a date just the two of us for some good food and to see Abraham Lincoln. The date ended ubruptly when I started to get blisters from my feet spilling out over my sandals... so we got ice cream instead. 

Some highlights...

Two dogs. One cup.

While my dad was in the hospital and my mom was living at the hotel, we (mostly Tom) took care of Reesie, their australian shepherd. We got Reesie aka "Peeper" when I was a senior in high school, so she is also my dog to an extent and we have a special bond. Recently, when Reesie has stayed at our house she has acted very nervous and insecure, with the worst symptom being randomly vomitting. In the dining room, the in the kitchen, IN MY CAR. Sometimes I even take her back over to my parents' house during the day when I feed her just to make sure her food digests properly without it showing up on our carpet in an hour. 

So one night, Tom came and picked me up from the hospital and brought me back to our house. When we arrived we found three huge vomit spots on the carpet. Three spots, but only one actual pile of throw up. We know our dogs all too well, and immediately put it together that our dog, Eleanor, had eaten Reesie's vomit. Sick. With all that had happened with my dad and with how exhausted I was, seeing a ton of vomit to clean up really amped up my crankiness when I finally got home to supposedly "rest." But Tom and I dealt with it, and then it was pretty much time for bed. When we first got into bed, I was already bitching about Tom wanting to watch TV, because all I wanted in the world was to GO THE EFF TO SLEEP. About five minutes later, we hear a weird noise. Shit. More dog vomit. Imagine our surprise when it was not Reesie throwing up, but Eleanor. We jump up, turn the lights on. SO MUCH VOMIT. So that night, we had to clean up the same vomit from two different dogs. Hence, two dogs, one cup. 

Love you, Peeper...


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