Friday, July 20, 2012

30 weeks and a birthday recap...

10 MORE WEEKS. That's roughly how long it is until Thomas and I become parents. I'm very excited about the baby being here, but it really is hard for me to consider myself a mom. Not because I don't want to be one or that I'm not "ready"... I guess part of me just still can't accept the reality that I am a full-blown grownup. I'm married, I own a house, I avoid going places that are crowded, and I exclusively listen to talk radio. And of course, now my home is filled with baby stuff... but still, I identify myself as "young." I used to feel perpetually 17, and now I feel like I will be 23 forever. It's weird because no part of me wants to be going out all the time or have any part of the life I had when I was 23, yet this pregnancy still slightly makes me feel like I got knocked up by some random guy out of wedlock. Dear self, you are 26, you got married, and now you're having a baby. So stop feeling like white trash and start feeling normal about it.

On the flipside, I feel really glad that I will be a somewhat young mom, however unintentional it may be. Mostly for reasons of vanity. I can't tell you how weird it is when I see 45 year old pregnant women. That's like me having another baby in TWENTY years which is unimaginable. My mom had me when she was 34, which at the time, left me with some of the oldest parents around. But in general, most people's parents were roughly the same age or at least from the same generation. Not so much anymore. When our son is in elementary school, there will be other parents in their 50s. Are they going to shun me when I show up at school, STILL wearing a Texas Zeta tshirt and nike shorts? At least Thomas has a receding hairline. That should add some legitimacy for us in elementary school politics.

And speaking of my co-parent, it was his 27th birthday last night...
(I got him some new loafers and clothes, and he got himself some golf clubs.)

We went to Mark's for dinner and it was amazing. I had albino salmon and Thomas had some Japenese cow that is raised in Australia...

Even though they brought out that little dessert for us, I still made Tom take me to the Chocolate Bar for ice cream. I also had ice cream for lunch today. 


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