Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things you need (and can afford) right now...

We went to Target to buy a curtain rod. I got these instead... in a size that even I am too embarrassed to reveal. They aren't maternity, but they're loose and have an elastic waistband, so I'm all set. There are different fabric options too, but I liked this one best. I am very partial to tribal/ethnic fabrics. PS - remember when Mossimo was a cool brand? And by cool, I mean that they sold it at Gadzooks and Foley's.

NEED. You need this pillow. Just like you needed that purple feather pen in 1996. And just like I NEEDED to get fake solar nails for the 8th grade dance. I have recently spent quite a bit of money on things for our home, so I can't really justify bringing in some more extraneous pillows. (Money spent on painting, sheets, lamps... and did I mention we need a sprinkler system, new carpet, and shutters in our bedroom?). If you're really into the sparkly gold pillow thing, you should also check out this Etsy listing.

Ok, so $38 for a baby blanket is not super affordable... but I just love it too much not to share. There is so much great baby stuff on Etsy from custom crib bedding to hand knitted shark sleeping bags. I highly suggest you spend some time on there if you are expecting or have small children.

Unless you're Kim Kardashian and have had every inch of your body lasered, I am assuming there has to be something you could get waxed. Waxing isn't normally my thing, because I use retin-A (which makes your skin thinner and thus it gets ripped off the day before you go to a big wedding). But because I can't do anything special for my skin or hair removal (no retin-a, no depilatories, no lasering) during pregnancy, waxing has become a viable option. If you are a first time customer at this place, your wax is FREE. Seriously. Plus, they use some special wax that doesn't stick to your skin and hurts about 50% less. So if there is one of these in your city, go see if you like it. (PS - I can only wish that I was getting paid for this advertisement).


A cheap exercise ball from Wal-Mart. After selling the merits of getting a birthing ball for labor, our birthing class instructor told us that Wal-Mart had good ones for less than $10. Got mine yesterday and it's the worst exercise ball I have ever had the pleasure of returning. You get what you pay for. Not only was it impossible to inflate (some of the pieces were broken), but it definitely leaked air as soon as Tom and I started sitting on it. I will definitely be going to Amazon or Academy asap. 


The olympics are the best thing ever. I almost crapped my pants watching Michael Phelps swimming this morning. 


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