Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maternity shopping in the third trimester...

... Or lack thereof. There is just no point. I really am just trying to cover my body parts at this point, and because I don't go to a job every day, this usually means a tshirt and underwear. Sometimes I put on leggings. If it's a special occasion, I am probably wearing my black BCBG skirt with biker shorts underneath and a tshirt.

So for my final installment on maternity shopping, I've come up with some outside the box options to solve all of your problems...

1. Luckily, I've been to enough Zeta fiesta parties that I have the Mexican mumu covered. But if you need one of these, just go to your local Fiesta grocery store... next to the pinata section.
2. Black is slimming, so just take a couple of hefty bags and staple them together. You can either cut open arm holes with scissors or tear them with your bare hands for an edgier look. 
3. A tarp serves the dual purpose of being draped over your body as a garment and protecting your furniture from baby juice once your water breaks. Either way, you'll be prepared.
4. One size fits all, and the hood covers your hair that you probably haven't washed in two days. 
5. Stripes! Nautical stripes are in, right? Or would we call those more of a Parisian stripe?
6. Because your feet no longer fit into any normal shoes. So it's snooki slippers or crocs. Take your pick. 
7. Stunning. 


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