Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Henry: 3 weeks...

We made it another week. Henry did a lot of socializing recently. He went to a Halloween party AND his first restaurant... and managed to keep it together at both. Except he pooped in his outfit at the party, and I had to keep his butt covered up with a blanket the rest of the time to hide the stain. My mom commented that I was clearly a new mom as I did not have any extra clothes for him.

Tomorrow we're going to visit dad at work and let all his coworkers see Henry. My MIL is coming with me which is great because I am still really nervous about having him in the car with me by ourselves. I still have a long way to go in terms of letting him cry. Not that you should let babies this little "cry it out," but I can't hear him whine and NOT go try and fix it immediately. Like last night, I gave Thomas explicit instructions about how we would give him a chance to self-soothe in his bassinet before immediately picking him up... Well, guess who ended up grabbing him and having him sleep in bed with us? ME. Yes, I let our baby sleep in the bed with us. Go ahead and judge me. It's not so much because I can't deal with hearing him cry, but I am so scared he is going to choke or stop breathing that it's hard for me to dismiss even the faintest sounds.

This was a big week for growth. At Henry's 2 week visit he had not gained as much weight as his doctor would have preferred, so we had to go back for a 3 week check up to see if he caught up. Well, he basically set a record for weight gained by a baby in a week, and he is now past his birth weight. The doctor even asked, "you did this all on breastmilk?" Yeah. And my boobs aren't happy about it.

On an unrelated note... People who put their newborns/small infants in real clothes are overachievers in my book. In a good way. I saw a baby younger than Henry wearing jeans on facebook the other day. JEANS. Henry has only worn pants once (see below), and the rest of the time he is in pajamas. I change his diaper maybe 12-15 times a day, and I don't think either of us has the patience to deal with outfits quite yet. This shouldn't be surprising coming from the mom that wore a "shacker outfit" (Tom's words) to the pediatrician this week: nike shorts and a huge UT Rugby tshirt. I told Tom that I purposely wore my wedding ring so that there was no confusion about where I had spent the night.

Too tired for his picture...

Happy Henryween!


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