Friday, October 26, 2012

US Weekly called...

Babies are obviously high-maintenance. They're all, hey mom I know I'm only three days old but why hasn't a professional photographer taken my picture yet?

Well I was a bad mom and didn't arrange a photographer before he was born (which I highly suggest you do), but luckily the girl I had contacted a few months ago was still available to come to our house and take some pictures of Henry and our family. A lot of people do newborn photos in the 5-10 day range, but I was smart and knew that a couple extra days would allow my body to drain itself of the 30 gallons of water it was retaining. Plus, his umbilical cord fell off in the extra time, and Henry was slightly more camera-ready. If there is one thing I want to pass on to my children it's my photogenic strength. If this sounds a little boastful, I will fully admit that I look better in pictures than I do in person... which people have subtly hinted to me at several times in my life. 

Anyway, Henry was great for his photo sesh, and he managed to stay awake for most of it. We took a lot of pictures around the house, and opted not to use any props or costumes. The photographer seemed really thankful that we didn't want to put our child inside a flower pot, and she agreed that people need to scale back with all the crazy baby photography. My friend Caroline always asks just HOW did that baby crawl inside a cowboy boot and fall asleep?

Here's a sneak peek...

We also took some pictures of Henry with my dad's mustang that is currently being housed in our garage. Thomas really loves the car, and I thought it would be a fun backdrop for some cool baby & dad photos...

We'll be seeing proofs in a couple weeks, and I will be sure to share our favorites! In the meantime, have fun at any Halloween parties you may be going to this weekend. I have no costume planned, nor could I fit into anything other than a pumpkin costume at this point. Henry's costume is "sexy baby."


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