Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Henry: 2 weeks...

We've made it two whole weeks. In case you were unsure, having a baby is very demanding. Things suddenly seem a bit easier at this point, and we are SO blessed that Henry sleeps 8 hours at night already. He actually would sleep longer, but I wake him up to eat. Too bad I'm used to sleeping 10+ hours at a time... so even the 8 hour stretch makes me feel exhausted.

I've never spent a ton of time around babies, but from what I can tell, we got a good one. He has his "witching hour" before bedtime, but it's not terrible. Plus, Thomas is usually in charge at that time so I retire to the bedroom and try to get in my evening nap.

I already feel like I have learned so much about babies. Like for example: pampers are better than huggies. And only buy stuff that has mitten sleeves for when they're first born because they WILL scratch the shit out of themselves.

So far, Henry loves his Solly Wrap and his Snugabunny Swing. The wrap is so effective it could basically rid the world of terrorism, and the swing allows me to do stuff like pee. He is less excited about his bouncy seat... and because it puts him below dog-height, I am less excited about it too.

Our little cutie...

Other things the Solly Wrap allows me to do...

... blog! Occasionally.


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