Sunday, November 11, 2012

Henry's first month...

When your baby turns one month old, you quickly realize how the cliche about everything going by so fast is painfully true. I can't really say he is a newborn anymore, and I have this looming sense that he is going to be a year old in the blink of an eye.

The first month has been extremely hard, but we are getting to know each other a little bit more every day. It's so funny to see his little personality come out, even the part that enjoys recreational crying. And when your baby starts to smile, the feeling is similar to seeing the first bluebonnets of the year. You know... like even though you've already seen a million bluebonnets in your life, every spring you're like "holy shit! Look!... BLUEBONNETS!!!"

Sometimes I think this month has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Then I remember that I said that about pregnancy. And the time I stopped eating carbs. It's definitely the hardest thing I am doing right now, and as much as I don't want time to just fly by... I often secretly wish that Henry would magically turn three months old over night. Supposedly that's when then crying slows down and they start sleeping through the night. And just maybe, my boobs won't hurt as much. But like today, he held a toy in his hand (without having any idea that he was doing it), and he may as well have solved a rubik's cube because I was amazed.

On a side note... I just need to say: people (celebrities) who say that they get excited every time there is a poopy diaper must not have a baby that sharts constantly. Yes... sharts. Even in his sleep, but mostly when I am nursing him and have no way to escape. Sometimes I convince myself that it's just a regular ole toot, because seriously, this is like the 18th diaper I have changed today. Sharting babies are expensive. Just saying.

Our handsome boy...


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