Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things always get better...

People always tell me that "it gets better" but I seriously never believe them. From morning sickness to post partum swelling, I always convince myself that I am the universe's #1 most special case of every thing that's bad, ever. Although, I am still pretty certain that I was truly suffering from narcolepsy in my early 20s.

I was especially dramatic about breastfeeding. I even said it was ruining my life. Welp. That too has improved. My baby still screams about every 90 minutes during the day for food, and it still hurts... but somehow it's ok now. A little of it might be that he is is growing and becoming a better eater. He has more head control, can feed faster, and most importantly, he can unlatch when he is done. All babies should do the last one, but Henry had to be pried off with a crowbar.

We're still exclusively breastfeeding and he has never had formula. As much as I sometimes hoped there was a medical reason I could no longer breastfeed, this article always brings me back to why I felt so passionately about breastfeeding in the first place. Read it. 

As far as the "colic" goes, that is also better. Henry still likes to scream to prove his worth as a baby, but he has a much easier time being content. I think a big part of this is that he is starting to interact with the world much more. He looks at toys, he is smiling at us, and he is babbling his little baby head off. Basically, he will accept certain forms of entertainment now that distract him from how much he hates being a baby. Or maybe he is starting to like us more?

I would say he is still sensitive to being overstimulated (and he will always make us pay for it later), but it is getting better almost every day. So if I tell you that you can't hold him because he's already "had a big day," it is partially true and partially an awesome excuse to leave social functions early.

My favorite picture of him so far...

That's my hospital bag in the background. I think I will just keep it there until it's time for the next baby. 


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