Friday, January 11, 2013

Henry: 3 months...

Henry was three months old this past Wednesday! In the early days of parenthood, "three months" was my mantra. It seemed from what I read that your baby starts to love you back for real around three months and that was when everything gets magically easier. Well... yes and no. Yes about the baby loving you back part. But every single day has it's new challenges.

As much as you instantly love your child and would commit murder to protect them from the second they're born, that love certainly has grown for me more and more every day. Does that sound weird? I don't mean that there was any lack of love for him when he was born, but it's getting more and more intense. Now, I am starting to feel obsessed over him. It's like the biggest crush you've ever had in your entire life times a million. Like Leonardo di Caprio, JTT, and Devon Sawa all rolled into one. I seriously just can't get enough of him.

At three months, Henry is giggling but still not full out laughing. He is sleeping 10 hours a night (although we're going through some sort of weird phase right not where he wakes up at 5am), and taking two short naps and one long afternoon nap a day. His favorite thing to do is hold on to lovies or blankies and stuff them in his face. Which is the exact opposite of what you want your baby to do in the interest of their safety. He is also proving to really love tv, even though we don't encourage it. My singing seems to delight him, and he loves talking with his dad. We are doing more tummy time, and although he isn't rolling over yet, he is definitely starting to try and kick himself up with his legs.

Henry is still just having breastmilk and nurses 7 times a day and has an extra bottle in the evening. If he doesn't start to gain weight, we might consider supplementing with rice cereal or formula in the next month or so, but for now we're still fighting our way through this low weight gain issue.

Our sweet baby...


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