Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Henry's first movie...

The first movie I remember going to in the theater was Sleeping with the Enemy. Obviously, my mom couldn't find a babysitter. I remember not wanting to go, and to convince me, my mom said that it had the same lady in it as Pretty Woman. Oh, the other R-rated Julia Roberts movie I saw before age 5? This is the same mom that STILL comments if my vneck tshirts are a little too low for her liking. (Mom, don't be mad. You were/are the best!)

At three months, Henry obviously is not going to remember his first movie, but I jumped at the chance to go when I figured out that our local theater has a "mommy matinee" once a week. They could have been showing From Justin To Kelly and I would still have been like DONE! WE'RE GOING! I had assumed my movie going days were temporarily suspended for a while. 

We saw Parental Guidance which was cute. It was a very "family" movie, but Billy Crystal was funny enough to keep it from being overly innocent. Henry did great. I was preparing myself for a total shit show, so I was thrilled when he remained content the entire time. He even sat on my lap and watched the movie for maybe 30 minutes. The most eventful part was that we nursed in public for the first time. Which I think is motherhood's best secret. My boobs must excrete horse tranquilizer because there is nothing that relaxes Henry like nursing. He stays alert when we give him a bottle, but put him on the boob and he can hardly keep his eyes open. (This is probably another reason he isn't eating as much as he needs to). So for anyone that has reservations about women nursing in public... just remember that it means the baby isn't screaming.

He's totally into it...


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