Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mom style: when you still can't fit into anything...

pants // top // flats // belt // necklace

Last night, we all went out to dinner with some of our best friends. Henry asked them to be his godparents so it was fun! He's finally at the age where he doesn't cry for no reason. So taking him out to dinner is more fun, because even though we have to hold him most of the time, he isn't usually crying. I just have to be careful not to drop salsa on his head as I am eating with him in my lap. 

I still can't really wear a lot of my clothes, so looking cute has been a challenge. Last night, I whipped out the outfit you see above. (Minus the necklace - my necklace was from some cheap ghetto store in the mall). We recently got a H&M out in the burbs, and it's always worth going in. Plus, they have some really cute kids stuff for Henry. I highly suggest the BCBG leggings. The fabric is thick and sturdy. and they have a really wide elastic waste band. The thickness is great because it's ALMOST like you're wearing real pants.

Me rocking the ombre (grown out roots) hair trend last night...

Henry with his godparents!...

I made him a little shirt that said "WILL YOU BE MY GODPARENTS?" on it with a plain onesie and some iron on transfer paper. By the way, iron-on technology has not at all progressed since it first debuted on the market, and I used it in middle school. It's still just as crappy as ever. When you make something iron-on you have to flip the image so it goes on in the right direction. So if you wanted to get in on this action, just right click the image below, save it and print it on some iron-on tshirt paper. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


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