Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weight Wednesday: ehhh....

The following conversation is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life, and I felt weight Wednesday would be a good day to share it. One day at work (a couple years ago), we were talking about babies and pregnancy and my very petite coworker brought up the subject of weight gain...

TRINA: I gained so much weight when I was pregnant. I got up to like 140 lbs.
VERONICA: Uh, that's how much I weigh NOW.
ME: .............. That's my GOAL WEIGHT!!!

My current goal weight is actually higher at the moment. At that time I was trying to get as skinny as possible for our wedding. I recently had this crazy scale thing at my gym measure my lean muscle mass which is everything in your body minus the fat. My level is 125 lbs. This means I may have been very unrealistic about my weight loss goals in the past. The least I have ever weight as a teenager is 135. I was 16 and pretty thin. But still... 135 for a lot of 16 year old girls is like morbidly obese. I was comparing myself to everyone else who seemed to weigh like 105 or 110, so I never felt "thin." The least I have ever weighed as a full fledged adult is around 150. Now that I know I have a beastly amount of muscle in my body, I am much more comfortable with those numbers. A healthy, lean, fit woman is around 20% body fat. So 155 would probably be my ideal weight. I am going to say that again. 155 lbs for Lauren Dougherty = hot shit.

This makes me feel so much better about life.

 Now, onto this week's results. I went on vacation for 4 days. I could easily pack on 10 lbs over an awesome 4-day weekend, but I managed to still lose 1 lb. This meant I didn't get to eat birthday cake at my nephew's party, or try the lobster spinach dip at dinner. I bought some boring stuff to eat a grocery store, and ordered steak and veggies at the restaurant. I wish food wasn't such a huge sacrifice for me, but it is. Not getting to enjoy it is torture.

Please leave me some comments. Hearing about other people dealing with this bullshit sure makes it a lot easier. 


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