Monday, April 1, 2013

How I currently feel about the internet...

If you're a woman, the internet basically exists to make you feel inadequate, jealous, or boring. Pinterest is always telling us how to dress better than we can afford, cook more than we have time for, and come up with more kids crafts than you physically can store in your home.

I am willing to acknowledge that my blog is also guilty of this. Obviously, I use pictures/stories that put myself or my family in a flattering light. You should always put your best foot forward, right? But I just want to make sure everyone knows that having a blog makes it very easy to create and manage the impression you leave of yourself on social media.

For example: my coffee table on Valentine's Day. This is what we call "styling."
 But just like the rest of the world wide web, I was totally bullshitting you. Behind the curtain...
My house actually does usually look slightly better than that picture. But that's only because I have since disposed of all plush dog toys that can be torn to shreds. But this is real life. That pledge bottle probably set out like that for at least a few days.

People who follow me on instagram always comment on how Henry is "so happy." Well, cat's out of the bag... at least 30% of the day, he is royally pissed off at me. Usually because I have broken eye contact or gone outside of his 5 foot radius. I take about 100 pictures of Henry a day, and maybe 3 of them make it to the internet. It's the same thing how I obviously am only going to post pictures of myself in which you cannot detect a double chin. People tell me I am photogenic... well yeah, because I only put pictures of myself on the internet in which I look good. This backfires, by the way. Several times throughout my life I have had the distinct suspicion that someone was trying to hint that I look better in pictures than in real life.

So, thanks! Yes, Henry is a cutie... most of the time. But, let's be honest. There are hundreds of reject photos in my phone...
And of course, I still think he looks adorable in all of those pictures, but they're not the smiley-giggley perfection I would usually post.

I just want to hammer home the point that your life doesn't have to look perfect to be perfect. You guys probably all already know that, but I constantly find myself needing to be reminded of this.


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