Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Matching family style: chambray stripes

I've decided that I am on to something when it comes to matching family outfits. Henry and Tom were matching this past weekend, and I thought why do they get to have all the fun? I found some mom options to round out the entire chambray stripe theme and a bonus outfit for baby. Thank goodness I do not have a girl, because this would get insane real fast.

Tom has the above shirt from Old Navy. I think this is the first thing I have ever bought him from Old Navy, but I saw it in the window and loved it instantly. Old Navy's men's clothing typically leave something to be desired, but I definitely subscribe to some of the short sleeve shirts they have one sale right now. 

Henry has the striped shorts and they are from JC Penney. I literally never shop at JC Penney, but one day I was desperate to find a tshirt for Henry so I checked out the kids' department. Let me tell you... For BABY boys, JC Penney literally has the best selection of clothes of anywhere I have been (other than Baby Gap which is much more expensive). I feel that Penney's has a lot of actual clothes for baby boys. Most department stores just have very baby-ish clothes for baby boys. In my opinion, boys need to graduate to real clothes much sooner than baby girls, but there tends to be a big gap from 6-12 months for boys in terms of "cool" or "fun" clothes. So whether or not JC Penney is somewhere you typically shop, I would give their boys department a whirl.

I don't have any of the lady items you see above, but I am especially obsessed with that clutch. It also comes in hot pink for $145. (Husband, these are the type of things you should file away in your brain for the future). I also love this dress from Old Navy. It comes in red and blue, and the blue would fit perfectly with the above theme. Personally, I've been eyeing the red for a while, but I don't think I want it (or any item of clothing ever) bad enough to have to wear a strapless bra for it.


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