Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weight Wednesday: Starvation works!

I am really relieved I lost two pounds this past week. I had started to feel a sense of doom that there was no way I can meet my goal... but seriously, I think I can pull it off. In regards to the title of this post... FOR ME, I feel like I have to "starve" myself in order to lose weight. This does not mean that I am not eating anything, it just means that the amount that I can get away with eating leaves me feel like I am starving the whole freaking day. I wish I could be one of those people that has four 300 calorie meals a day and "never feels hungry." First of all, I think those people are lying. Whether it is to themselves or to everyone else, I don't believe for one second that they wouldn't kill for pizza or some french fries at any point in the day. 

For me, the whole thing with this weight loss stuff is that it is very difficult. It is very unsatisfying. It sometimes feels like torture. I do still have "bad" meals every week (cough last night), but what I have to do the next day to make up for it is like eat a can of tuna and call it a day. The thing is, no matter what it takes for YOU to lose weight... sorry, but that's what it takes for YOU to lose weight. If you can cut out soda and lose 10 lbs, great, do that. If you have to eat under 1000 calories per day on top of working out for two hours... Yeah, that sucks. I feel for you. I know how unfair it feels. I know how frustrating it is. But my personal experience is YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT. You have to move past how much "harder" it is for you than the average person, and just get it done.

I like being open about this because it really bothers me when people or celebrities try to make it seem like weight loss was so easy or even FUN for them. Any celebrity that claims they lost weight from pole dancing or some dumb shit like that is also leaving out that they probably also never eat. When Kirstie Alley loses weight and says she is a size 4, I want to scream. GIRL, YOU ARE NOT A SIZE 4. STOP LYING. Or when Kim Kardashian says she weighs 120 pounds. Shyeah... In your bra! I think the most refreshing thing I have ever heard a celebrity say was when Katy Perry stated that she weighs 135 lbs... See, THAT makes sense. Her body is amazing, she looks great, and she has huge boobs. Drew Barrymore recently gave an interview where she said how trying to have the perfect body or the perfect career right now would compromise how good of a mother she could be to her new baby. Yes. Spending 6 hours a day in the gym like Kate Hudson did as soon as her baby was born probably was not in the best interest of her newborn son. So thanks, Drew Barrymore, for being one of the few moms in Hollywood who seems to understand this. Sarah Jessica Parker was also very graceful about weight loss after the birth of her son. She basically didn't even want to talk about it and said that her looks were so not the point of what was going on in her life with a new baby. 

So on a less angsty note... I hope all of your weight loss endeavors are going well! I know one thing that would help me a lot right now would be to drink more water. I hardly ever experience thirst, so it takes a lot of effort for me to drink enough water through out the day. Any suggestions on how much water I need to be drinking every day? Or how to get on a water drinking schedule? I'd love to hear your experiences on how water intake has affected your weight loss!


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