Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Henry: 8 months!

We are two thirds of the way through our first year. Which basically means I need to start planning his birthday party immediately.

Henry hasn't been to the doctor in a while, so I honestly have no clue how big he is. I know that he is somewhere between 19 and 20 pounds, and that is ALL that I know. His head doesn't seem to be getting any smaller in proportion to his body, so ole Henny big head is here to stay. PS - my nick name for Henry is Henny. His nickname was supposed to be Hank (which I love and find absolutely adorable), which is a big reason we named him Henry, but not one time have I ever felt compelled to call him Hank.

My favorite thing to report on is Henry's teeth. He currently has one tooth on top and THREE on the bottom. It's a really good look for a baby, I guess. We had been paying so much attention to when the top teeth were going to come in, that we didn't event notice that a side tooth on the bottom had popped out. I looked it up on the internet (you know, that thing, the internet), and everything is coming in out of order. Maybe a wisdom tooth will be next? Either way, I desperately need a break from teething. I can imagine how badly it hurts to bust a tooth through your gums, and Henry definitely lets us know how uncomfortable it is. They need to make XL teething-sized bottles of baby tylenol because we go through one in like a week.

The next order of business is crawling. Henry CAN crawl, he just chooses not to. Kind of like how I CAN cook, but it's really just not for me. He goes backwards, and around in a circle, but for some reason, as soon as he needs to go forward, he gives up and starts whining. I have no explanation for it other than he is teething 24/7 these days, and isn't in the right frame of mind to take on new challenges at the moment. Plus, he knows that mommy can't say no to a sad baby, so he is probably just waiting for me to come pick him up when he is on his tummy.

He is talking, as in making lots of noises and sounds, but no words yet. I seriously hold his fingers on my mouth, Helen Keller style, while I say mama over and over again. Doesn't seem to be making a difference. He makes a lot of "ba ba ba" sounds, but no ma or da.

Henry is getting into EVERYTHING these days. He straight up pulled a lamp off my nightstand today (as I was holding him), so he cannot be trusted with anything, really. Sometimes I have no choice but to let him sit on my lap while I do my makeup, and he goes insane with my makeup drawer. I wouldn't care except I have lip glosses in there that are like nasty 5 year old relics from college that may have been dropped on the floor of a bar at some point. We are now the people who at a restaurant have to take everything off of the table. The people who have no control over their infant. Henry is also finally starting to get mad when you take things away from him. Before, it didn't seem to matter. But now, it's like ... real bad.

My child is still an excellent night sleeper. He averages about 11.5 hours a night and never wakes up. His naps have been a moving target for the past month or two. I feel like I spend every day stressing out about his naps. The science of baby napping is so delicate. It's like you want them to sleep as much as possible (so you can watch your DVR), but you know that if their first nap of the day is too long, that you will pay for it when he doesn't nap the rest of the day. And by dinner time, he is so unbelievably tired and grumpy that there's nothing you can do to make it better. Imagine a very fine scale that can detect grains of sand added or taken away. That's the best imagery I can provide for how on edge naps make me all day.

So here he is... my baby...

These pictures are getting harder and harder to take...

I love this little baby more than anything on earth. He is my little angel, and I'm super proud of both of us for making it this far. Of course, we couldn't have done it without that dad person that lives in the house, too. 


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