Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stay at home style...

So I really have been making an effort. I even showered to go to Costco two days ago. Just to clarify, I do not think that the outfits I have been posting are groundbreaking or anything. I just wanted to showcase things that I can have fun wearing while still being reasonably dressed to take care of a baby all day. Speaking of, I haven't posted much about Henry lately. Just to let you know, he is doing amazing, and he is doing new "big boy" things every day! Details later.

For me, the leanest part of my body is my legs. They are nothing amazing, but I have no issues wearing shorts every single day of my life. Plus, it is seriously so effing hot in Houston that the thought of wearing jeans after May kind of makes me want to throw up. 

Also, please excuse the fact that all of my clothes are wrinkled. Not only am I the WORST IRONER EVER, but I also like to let things sit in the dryer for about 36 hours before I take them out and fold them. Anyway, below are some recent looks. 

A play date...
shorts // LOFT
cuff // Kendra Scott

Lunch with a friend...
shirt // Gap
skirt // Gap
sandals // Miu Miu 
(the shoes were a gift so don't like freak out or anything)

 Landscaping my in-laws new home...
I am unwilling to share the sources of my awesomeness in this picture

I honestly can't remember what I was doing this day...
tee // Gap
shorts // Old Navy
sandals // Loeffler Randall

So that right there is about every single time I have showered and worn real clothes in the past two weeks. Can you say MAKING STRIDES? Truly, I should start documenting Henry's wardrobe. He is the best dressed person in the entire family. 



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