Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Last chance!

Hey everyone. Just a reminder that this is your last chance to win a free STROLLI COOL of your choice!

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So I haven't really blogged much about life lately. The truth is I have been sewing my ass off during nap times and I basically have to watch Henry every waking moment now that he is crawling.

For a general update, our patio is finished and it's bad ass. I will eventually share pictures! I've been making a lot of other things I am considering selling such as sensory toys and burp cloths. Plus, I have also been making clothes for Henry which is more exciting than just about anything in life.

I like never sleep anymore and it's really catching up with me. I ALSO never watch tv anymore. I'm FOUR episodes behind on True Blood. And I am currently recording 4 episodes of Honey Boo Boo that I pretty much know will not get watched. I am so out of touch with TV that I didn't even realize that we were like 5 episodes into the new season of Catfish (I love that show).

Let's see... what else? I got a new iPhone. I also had ChikFilA mini bites for the first time this weekend. Amazing.


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