Monday, July 15, 2013

Ummmmm I love y'all!

I need to basically dedicate this post to everyone who has ordered, shared, or promoted my strolli cool! Going into the launch, I really had no idea what kind of response there would be. Would I sell out the first day? Would no one order anything? There was no way to tell. 

The morning of the launch, my husband so eloquently said he didn't want me to be heartbroken if it didn't go so well. Mostly, I just got mad at him for saying that because I am a very reasonable person, and knew there was a chance that the whole thing could bomb. Plus, HELLO, I have a degree in retail merchandising so I know how all this stuff works. 

BUT... Yall DID buy some! And the orders keep coming at a nice and steady pace! Regardless of the extra income, it's very rewarding to have all the time (and money) I spent in production and packaging pay off. For those of you that have ordered one, I hope you are delighted by the comically large manual I included in the packaging. In my mind, they were going to be a lot smaller... but these look like they have been sized for the visually impaired. 

A lot of people seem unsure about the sizing. There is a FULL SIZE strolli cool and an INFANT SIZE. To be clear, the FULL SIZE is made for any/all regular strollers where your child is sitting upright in the seat...
(can you say PHOTOGRAPHYYYYYY!? Nothing says professional like taking iphone pics in my front yard.)

The INFANT SIZE is only to use in a car seat stroller... 

For those of you without kids, a car seat stroller is a stroller that holds the car seat. Before babies can sit up, it's not safe to have them in regular stroller seats. So a lot of stroller companies offer a "car seat adapter" that allows you snap the car seat into the stroller. NEVER EVER EVER USE THE STROLLI COOL IN A CAR SEAT WHILE INSIDE A MOTOR VEHICLE...

I hope that makes sense to everyone, and if you have any other questions, PLEASE just comment or send a message! Here is a good pic of packaging...

Oh yeah, that's a label! Because this is a children's product, I wanted to really cover my bases with safety, so the label serves as a good branding item as well as a warning label on the back side. Basically it says... don't be dumb and let your kids or pets eat the strolli cool. The inside part is safe and non-toxic... but I'm sure if you ate it that you would probably get diarrhea or something fun like that. But I basically get diarrhea every time I go to Target or Lowe's, so it's not a huge concern of mine. 

Also... I made four dog collar accessories last night. The problem with sewing is that it is a really good version of instant gratification. Which means, it becomes slightly addictive. So like last night, I should have just gone to bed at 9:45, but instead I was sweat shop-ing it upstairs until 11:30...

What do we think of the bow? It attaches onto the collar, and I basically love it. It kind of makes Eleanor look like a circus dog. Abbey's black and white peter pan collar freaking kills me, but it needs a lot of work in terms of construction. Down the road, when it's not hot, and people don't need cooling pads, I think I am going to branch out and do stuff like this. Nothing big or that inspiring, just little fun stuff for dogs and kids. Oh, and headbands for moms, too. 

Thanks again to everyone who has placed an order, and if you would like to visit my store, you can always go to . 


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