Friday, September 30, 2011

The Final Weigh-In - Part I...

This is part one, because the actual wedding will be the final weigh-in part two. My dress fitting is tomorrow, but because I am driving to Dallas today and will be staying at a hotel, this is my last chance to record my weight on my trusty scale.

Here are my results-ish since Thomas proposed:
Lbs lost: 15
Inches lost:
Bust- 2
Waist- 3
Hips- 2.5
Thigh- 1.5

Overall, I am pretty pleased with myself. I worked harder than I ever have, and I NEVER gave up. That's key. Not once did I recklessly skip workouts or eat like a crazy person... although there were plenty of days that I wasn't perfect or ate something I shouln't. But I never let those incidents set me back mentally or allow myself to just stop caring. That's what I am most proud of, I suppose. Every single pound and inch lost is a result of hard work and self-deprivation. I ran 5x per week, worked out, and watched my diet using My Fitness Pal. Nothing else. Trust me, if there was a pill or procedure that worked, I would have done it. I am looking forward to keeping up with my fitness and seeing exactly how far I can take my results even if it takes another year.

My results may not seem that extreme to you, and they're not. But that is what I accomplished in 4 months of trying as hard as I could with a full-time job and normal life. My advice to anyone trying to improve their health and fitness is that it takes a lot of time and patience, and you can't make excuses for yourself. I am totally the first person to say that I have a slow metabolism, or point out weird things about my body that make it harder to lose weight. But so what? It's not a get out of the gym free card. And no matter what your "thing" is that has held you back in the past, TRUST ME, you can overcome it if you're willing to work hard and make a lot of tough sacrifices. That's it!


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