Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Hangover...

Thomas is at his bachelor party in New Orleans right now, and I am stuck in Tulsa with two dogs and no friends. (I do have friends but they're all working at Miss Jackson's). My extremely aggressive workout schedule has kept me busy and sleepy, so I haven't been too lonely with him gone. Anyway, my friends and I had decided to have the bachelorette party in New Orleans months and months ago. The boys decided to copy and then have it before ours. LAME. Luckily, both our dads are there too so I feel better about Thomas' safety and overall accountability. Plus, my dad has been sending me pictures of Thomas which is hilarious and awesome.

The guy I am going to marry normally looks like this...

But when he is in New Orleans, he looks like this...

Yeah, he plays the washboard now. And dresses like an REI model when he goes to bars.

Thanks, Dad, for the updates. I'm happy to know my special guy is having fun!


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