Saturday, September 24, 2011

Table letters...

I was at Hobby Lobby this week when I stumbled upon these filigree block letters. They were glossy lime green, but they have the same rustic feel to the letterpress on our wedding invitations. I was desperately searching my brain for a way to use these letters at our wedding and BAM! I have been trying to figure out for months how I want to do table numbers, and I decided I will just use these and do table letters instead. So I took the green letters, sprayed them with primer, gold spray paint, and then gold spray glitter. And here you have it... What table will YOU be seated at? :)

And here are the invitations that these letters tie in with...
Because I thought it was weird to put Thomas' monogram at the top of the wedding invitation seeing as it was being sent on behalf of my family... We changed things up and the top has "L&T" and it looks beautiful.



  1. Can I PLEASE be seated at the "hey girl" table!?!?!

  2. No, you'll be at the BONJOUR GIRL table :)