Saturday, September 24, 2011

I couldn't say no...

In case you didn't already know, Loeffler Randall is one of my favorite shoe designers. Yesterday, as I was walking to Chipotle (burrito bowls are delicious and low cal), I strolled passed Tulsa's most adorable boutique and stopped when I saw the 50% off sign. The store is called Rope, and the girl who owns it is the bomb. The kind of girl you want to awkwardly ask out on a friend date because you know deep down that you two could be bff. Anyway, I was super embarrassed to go in because I had just got out of Bikram yoga and looked like a crack addict. Sweaty hair, sweaty everything, black tshirt and nike shorts, manolo leopard flats, and my Dita nerd glasses. These are the outfits that often make me say to myself "you look crazy." Anyway, the moral of the story is I scored these awesome Rowena sandals with a tulle ruffle. So cute, and I love that they can be dressy or casual.
I am going to a wedding in Dallas next weekend, and I am considering wearing these with my Twinkle dress instead of the Pelle Moda heels I originally had planned. 
You can't tell from the photo, but the entire top is black lace and the little cap sleeves make it super feminine and fancy. 


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