Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Raoul trunkshow order has arrived...

The best thing about being a buyer is the discount. And I'm not talking about the store discount, I'm talking the wholesale discount. Usually, when we had trunk shows at Miss Jackson's the rep or designer would offer employee orders at 20% off the cost price. To give you an idea of how amazing that is...

Most apparel has a markup between 2.2-2.5. So if the cost is $100, the retail price will be $220. And after the trunkshow discount, I pay $80 which equals about 64% off.

This amazing line, Raoul, is even better because the markup is more like 2.7 (because it's a vertically integrated company), meaning that my order came in at 71% off the retail price.

Anyway, here are the goods...

I love the white coat and I can't wait to wear it over an all black outfit. I got the leather tee in camel with camel neck trim rather than the black color shown, and I got the silk top in nude. The top is really cute because it buttons all the way down the back. As you can see, the line is somewhat mod, and this particular fall season had a lot of pan-am inspiration.


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