Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthiversary!...

So yesterday was both my 26th birthday and Thomas and I's 2 year anniversary. (Yes, our first date was on my birthday - mostly out of convenience). Given that this past summer has been filled with showers and gifts to celebrate our upcoming wedding, I wanted to keep it really low-key. Seriously, my friends and family have been so incredibly gracious and generous with all the events leading up to the big day, and I will never forget how good it made me feel. And so like I said, the last thing I wanted was to create another "event" that people had to go to FOR ME.

So here is what I DID do on my bday... Woke up and went to crossfit. And in case you're wondering crossfit is really freaking hard and intense, but it pays off. It makes every other workout seem irrelevant if you are trying to be a strong, fit person. And not strong, like bodybuilder strong, like climb a rope and do pull-ups strong. Anyway, after that mom and I headed down to the galleria to shop for rehearsal dinner dresses, and I picked up some bday loot along the way. We ended up spending wayyy longer than expected at the galleria, and ended up buying the first two dresses we tried on all day at Saks. We then came home and went to dinner at Mia Bella with my dad. It was great, even considering I am currently from a diet that restricts all things I love - ie. bread baskets.

Here are some of the goods I got for my 26th...
I already have these is denim, and I got another pair in army green. They're True Religion, and they have faux pockets on the front which is nice. Don't worry, I wholeheartedly agree that true religion is relatively douchey, but I just love how these pants fit. Also, they have a flat pocket on the back - no flap.
Aren't these so cute? I saw them in Kate Spade and pretty much bought them on the spot. I love the nostalgia of the mary jane, and think it's really cool that it's a flat. And that color... Very unexpected for Lauren Rocco.

By the way, I basically have the sweetest man ever. Even though we're spending money out the waz on the house and wedding right now, he still went out and got me a secret gift...
Thomas, if you're reading this (and you probably aren't), I love you so much and thanks for making me feel so special on my birthiversary!

And here is the present that I told Thomas he had to get me :)
It's a swivel vanity stool from Ballard Designs, and I can't wait to put it at my vanity in the master bathroom! It's so girly and unnecessary. I never had "girly" things in my room or bathroom growing up, so I love the feeling this little guy gives off.

In case you're wondering, yes I got Thomas gifts too! I got him a cowhide guncase for his handgun. Some guy in Giddings makes them, and they're sweeeeet. I also found him this gem at an estate sale...
Fresh & Salt Water Fishes of the World - 1983 ed.. As you can see, the pictures are awesome. I combined Thomas' love of fishing and my love of estate sales on this gift.

AND FINALLY... My best friend Jenny sent me the best thing ever. Because of my diet, I can't have cake or dessert, so she sent me a cupcake I can actually enjoy...
A flower cupcake! So cute! Thanks, jen!

So there is a recap of my birthday and my shopping. It's been a great 26 years, and I want to thank my parents for getting me this far. They're about to pass the bitton to Thomas, and it's going to be a wild ride :)


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