Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Sewing Project...

So remember when I said I wanted to make a ringbearer pillow? Well, I DID IT!!! I ended up using a different fabric than originally planned. The fabric featured in my first blog post is antique silk, and I was just too scared to eff it all up. So instead, I got this great vintage chenille and some pink pom poms. It's super cute, and luckily one of my nephew's favorite colors is pink.

First off, I got my first sewing maching. I'm pretty sure it is the cheapest sewing machine ever created, and I got it for under $50 at Joann's. (It was also obvious that it had already been used and returned). Look at this remarkable beauty...
It actually worked great for making a child-sized pillow, but I certainly wouldn't rely on it for anything too complicated. The hardest part was threading the bobbin. I still don't even really know what that means, but somehow I guessed how to do it, and I was correct. 

So then I took the following materials...
and made this little guy...
I really don't know how I instinctually knew how to make a pillow with trim. I didn't use a pattern or do any research, I just kind of sat at the kitchen counter for a while until I arrived a plan that seemed logical. Also, I have watched enough TLC (back in the trading spaces era) and HGTV that I may have absorbed some of the basics. Clearly, it's not perfect, and not all the corners match up, but I MADE IT so it's awesome!

To hold the rings, I am just going to tie an ivory ribbon around the pillow the day of. It's a little scary handing over a diamond ring to a 2 year old, but I will make sure it's tied on there nice and tight.


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  1. LOVE!!!!!!!! ITTTT!!!!
    Can't we put fake rings on it...haha!
    Love Alicia