Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The place we never eat...

As a follow up to my DIY recover of our dining room chairs, I am offering a tour of our small dining room. It's the only room in the house that isn't mising something in a glaring way.

I give you the table...
Like I said, the table was a hand-me-down from our parents. It's seen better days, but we are very lucky to have a nice, big table to fill our dining space. You can see the fabric on the chairs a little better, too. 

The placesettings...
Twig chargers: $4.95 ea at Pier 1 (got them all for 20% off-holla!), gold chargers: Pottery Barn clearance, napkins: Anthropologie 40% off, napkin rings: Pier 1, elk candlesticks: Tulsa Flea Market, glass bucket (that I need to find something to put inside): free - wedding gift :). I bet you're wondering if I pay full price for anything, and 95% of the time the answer is no. 

We have 12 full place settings of Pickard china, and the first thing I bought for our house was this cabinet so that we had a safe place to store it. I loved that it had gold paint because our china is rimmed in gold and silver.
The cabinet: High Fashion Home - 50% off. 

Here's a closeup...
Lamp: estate sale in Tulsa - $10 (which is the deal of the century... that is a bronze lamp with a MARBLE base), mercury glass lanters: Pottery Barn - used in our wedding, crystal bowl: wedding gift, flute: my dad found this in the back of a car someone traded in, mirrored star: a wedding gift from Pottery Barn that is actually a christmas tree topper, antique silver tray: wedding gift, mirror: hand me down from my parents' old house (I think this was in my brother's bathroom).

And because I love our china so much, I wanted you to see the pretty monogram...
Oh and yeah, I ordered the china when I worked at Miss Jackson's - 40% off, people!

So that's our dining room situation. Our front sitting area aka "the parlor" is almost done... I am just waiting on a painting I ordered from Ruelala to come in. I know, I REALLY am incapable of buying things that aren't on sale.


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  1. omg i LOVE LOVE the whole cabinet, mirror, star, MARBLE lamp thang goin on :) Looks like a part of a magazine!