Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rihanna and other issues I have...

It's no secret that I hate Rihanna, but I really want to clarify why. Because I do love like 90% of her music, and she looked perfect in that black dress at the Grammys.

So here are some reasons, people...

Reason one: The song, S&M. "Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it." Gross. If you're a mom, please tell me what you do when this song comes on and your kids are in the car. I feel that music like this should be limited to some R-rated station so that I can continue to hear Beyonce and Lady Gaga on channel 2, without being arrested for child neglect. Not that I have a child, but seeing a 12 year old with a cellphone already gives me heart palpitations. You can wait until you're 16 and have already been driving for half a year like I did. And the only person you can call is me. Data plan? Dream on. But seriously, I find a lot of her songs just emabarrasing. Doesn't she have parents? Most of her music is just sooo amazing that I feel her extra desperate/raunchy songs are just beneath her. Plus, you know deep down that she's got to be a huge skank.

Reason two: Chris Brown. I remember the first time I googled "Rihanna beating pictures" and saw the horror I have included below. I was OUTRAGED. No one was more upset for Rihanna than I was, and I felt like I HAD HER BACK! Don't believe me? "No Air" is one of my favorites songs ever, and from that day on, I vowed to turn the radio off if it ever came on, so as to not contribute to Chris Brown making money in any way, whatsoever. It never even occurred to me that there would be OTHER, NEWER Chris Brown songs that I would have to turn off. I am disgusted by the fact that MTV had Chris Brown on the VMAs. And delighted that JayZ refused to stand for his performance. Obviously, JayZ and I agree on everything so this was no surprise... But when I found out he would be on the Grammys, and was nominated for an award, I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Like am I the only person who is outraged? Some official Grammy person was quoted saying some BS about "everyone deserves a second chance." There are literally like 3 times in life that people don't deserve a second chance, and beating a woman's face is one of them. And HE WON AN AWARD. Which means someone, somewhere, actually voted for him. People get cheated out of merit-based awards all the time, so did you not even think twice before checking the Chris Brown box?

Yeah, this is why I am still pissed...

And now, to make matters worse, Rihanna is collaborating on new music with him. WHAT!? Like what a terrible example. The perfect girl would never speak to a guy again if he didn't call her back or flaked out more than once. But Rihanna is saying that even face bashing is something you can marginalize to make sure you're still getting proper attention from your ex boyfriend... Not to mention she is helping him be rich and famous, which is something I deserve, and not Chris Brown. Ok, who watched Real World: Hawaii? Remember when Amaya thought she had an STD and was having a nervous breakdown abouyt it, and Kaia was super supportive and concerned. Then Amaya just casually mentioned to Kaia like days later that it turned out to be nothing - no big deal. And Kaia was like WTF? why didn't you tell me, I was so worried about you. And Amaya was all mehhhh whatever. Well Rihanna is Amaya, and I'm Kaia. And like Kaia, I now deem the Amaya/Rihanna character as a selfish little jerk.

Reason three: her accent.


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  1. Wow. You just threw back to The Real World Hawaii. And I love you for it. This blog just made it to the number spot on my reader.