Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Acting for two...

So all that talk about not working is actually a lie. In fact, I have two jobs. I sell custom mens clothing by appointment for J. Hilburn, and I am also an actress. If you live in Houston, there's a good chance you may have seen a commercial or two that I have appeared in for my dad's car dealership, Joe Myers Toyota. And there's a good chance you rolled your eyes. Although I am my parents' only daughter and only child residing in Texas, I beat out some stiff competition for the role. Over the years, we have done a lot of commercials and I've renegotiated my pay several times. 

This commercial presented some new challenges with the whole pregnant thing. First, I had to find a dress that still fit and didn't look like a maternity dress (which may have backfired because instead of looking pregnant, I just look extra chubby). Secondly, I had to officially change my stage name. After I got married, I still used "Lauren Rocco" in the commercials because it didn't really matter to Thomas or me, and so that people easily understood that I was the daughter of the extra-tan Italian guy. 

Well I realized that people might start to wonder if I got knocked up out of wedlock, so this is the first commercial with my new last name. I consulted my publicist and she agreed it would be for the best, and we sent out a press release so that the public could stay abreast of my marital status. We kept Rocco in there so people get it that my dad and I are related, but for the record, Rocco is not a part of my name anymore. 

So here we are at the studio. The baby's first green screen...

That dress was for the pre-owned commercial that will also be on tv. I honestly never happen to see the commercials, and if I do, I usually change the channel immediately. One time I was at the gym, and it came on straight into my headphones. I think I tried to hide behind the elliptical screen so no one could make the connection... which would never happen, nor would anyone care. Sometimes, however, I get excited if it comes on during a show that I really feel captures my target audience. When one of them aired during Khloe and Lamar's wedding special on E!, I was maybe proud for the very first time. Another highlight is when one came on during the Greek series finale on ABC Family (most underrated show ever). 

Here is the wipeout commercial. We do it every year. Enjoy...

Don't act like you're not impressed, and yeah, that's my dad. Nothing has been decided for the future yet. I think having the baby in the commercials could be really cute and could definitely send a "family" message out to the city of Houston... especially once he/she can talk or do funny things. Plus, the baby needs to start pulling it's weight around here.


PS - I do NOT have a publicist. That part is just a joke. 

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