Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bambino or bambina?...

My urine has been hard at work the past couple of days. Even though we find out the gender of our baby in six days, I felt NOW was the time to test out all these old wives tales for gender... and many of them involve my pee.

I read somewhere in the internet bible that if you mix your pee with boiled red cabbage water, that it can be a gender predictor based on what color it turns. I am pretty sure it's just a basic pH test, which is not very reliable for predicting gender, but the cabbage was like $1 so I gave it a whirl.

That's a ton of cabbage...

Here are the results...

Tom submitted a sample as well, just to make sure the test worked. The plain cabbage water starts out an indigo color, and if it turns more purple then it's a girl, and if it turns pink it's a boy. Tom and I are both pregnant with boys. I would like to add when we came up with the idea for Tom to try it too, I sent him to the bathroom with a plastic cup. When he came back he smirked and said, "I was able to squeeze a couple drops out." He basically filled a big gulp to the brim. There may have even been some foam on top. I didn't realize that anyone's bladder could be that big.

This morning I did the Intelligender test. Again, you mix your urine with a magical potion that tells you what you're having. You can buy this test at Walgreens or CVS, but here is a tip from the wise: you can save almost $20 on the test if you buy it here online. This test is also some sort of pH indicator, I think. Either way, it's about as accurate as a mood ring, and it wasn't like super "fun" to do or anything. I'd save my money and see what at-home pee tests you can do for the same level of accuracy. Other than cabbage, there is also one where you mix your urine with draino.

My pee is very masculine...

Below is a comprehensive look at where we stand in the boy/girl question. Some of these I found on the internet, some people told me about, and some are just "feelings."

Here is where we stand...

Thank goodness I studied engineering for three years, otherwise I may have not been able to document this highly involved study. So far, there is more quantitative evidence that we are having a girl, but qualitatively, I have no idea how accurate a lot of these tests are individually. Luckily, we only have to wait until Tuesday to find out. We will be keeping it a secret until Cinco de Mayo when we reveal it to our parents, so that means I will be keeping you in terrible suspense for four days. 

What do you think we're having? Any intuitions? Or do you have any other easy tests to try? What tests worked for you and which ones were wrong?


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