Friday, April 6, 2012

I ALMOST wrote a baby-free post...

I don't know if it's because I am pregnant or because I've been more lenient about how much golf he plays, but my husband has been especially compliant this week. As in, going to pick out fabric for curtains, compliant. If you live in Houston, and you've never been to High Fashion Home, I suggest you go there immediately. It's a huge, four-story, showroom with awesome furniture/decor and the best selection of fabrics I've seen in this town. Their prices are super reasonable and a good fit for someone like me - I can't afford fancy furniture stores but I also don't want to waste my money on Ikea junk. 

Currently, we have no draperies or shades on the entire back side of our house. The jerks we bought our house from "didn't know" they were supposed to leave them and "got rid of them" before they even moved into the new house. AKA they sold them on craigslist. I know this because in every conversation I had with them, they mentioned craigslist like five times. Anyway, draperies be expensive, yall, so they did us a huge disservice. 

Oh, I take that back, we have some hand-me-down drapes on one window that are about 36 inches too narrow and 12 inches too short. And they have a hole in them. Extra-fancy. So we decided to bite the bullet and tackle the world of custom drapery. 

Here's a little preview to get you through the weekend...

The drapes should be ready in about four weeks, and I cannot wait to see how it transforms our main living space. Once they are installed, I will share a finale pic. 

Now, here is the part where I remind you that I am having a baby. When looking at all the fabrics, Tom and I stumbled upon this...

If we have a girl, we would love to incorporate this into the nursery. HUNTING DOGS! Did I mention we love dogs? Look at the little beagle saying hi to the owls! So cute! Playing with the ducks? Adorable.


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