Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My first maternity shopping spree (kind of)...

While I can still wear pretty much all of my clothes that aren't super fitted, today felt like a good day to buy some maternity-friendly clothes. Which, we all know, makes up about 75% of Anthropologie. So I found these little gems you see below...

The tank is a slub cotton on front with a loose silk print panel in the back. Key word: loose. The chambray shirt has a split tail in the back that's pretty cute. It won't last me super long, but I love a denim shirt and felt I needed it. My favorite thing I bought today are these green stripe shorts. Found them in the lounge section, but with the magical elastic waistband I foresee these becoming a staple of my spring/summer wardrobe. 

I got pretty chubby my first (out of two) senior years of college, as in 25 lbs heavier than I was when I became pregnant. Of course, I lost the weight, and got rid of all my comfy clothes. Which is a shame, because thinking back, I had some really nice stuff that I would love to be wearing in the upcoming months like comfy dresses and bigger bras. As mentioned before, I am super cheap... like I even managed to get my purebred dog on sale. So the idea of buying maternity clothes that are A. not cool, and B. will hardly be worn KILLS ME. I think I will stick to this "maternity friendly" thing for clothes as long as possible. I know that eventually I will be so big that even my Mexican moo-moo may not fit, but until then, loose tops it is!

My mom was checking out at the Gap today and there was a Motherhood Maternity store across the way. So I told her that I was going to "go confirm that I have no interest in ever shopping there." Didn't even cross the threshold before I turned around and went back to Gap. My instincts are always right with those things. The website has SOME things that look mildly cute, but the store was a cheap, tacky, crowded mess... and I simply cannot. I will probably just hit up Target when the belly gets insane. I have not yet been to A Pea in the Pod, but I have a feeling that it will be a little more expensive than I am comfortable with for maternity clothes. So far, I have purchased two really cute dresses on Gilt.

Pictures are kind of fuzzy, but both dresses are super cute. They are built for a big bump, so I can't wear them yet. They're from a line called More of Me, and from what I understand Gilt has some sort of exclusive deal with them which makes sense because I got both of the above dresses for like 50% off, but they're still selling for full price on the website. 

Next on my shopping list: some comfortable bras to deal with my growing chest. 


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