Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More maternity shopping...

Remember when I made fun of Motherhood Maternity? Well, I still stand by the fact that the store was junky and kind of gross... but I DID say that the online store had some cute stuff. Anyhow, I just ordered a swimsuit from their website. I know, I'm a jerk. But I really need a maternity swim suit. I am the type that is not even remotely self-concious in a bathing suit, almost to the point where I am sure I make people uncomfortable.

Well, my mom has informed me that she is very "against" pregnant women in bikinis. I am not for or against it... I more so look at it as, hey this Shoshanna two piece that I love still fits! Cool, I'm wearing it. I realize that other people closer to my mom's age bracket may share her opinion, so I am biting the bullet and purchasing a less controversial maternity bathing suit. Of course, maternity swimsuits are like 99% horrible and ugly. So when I found this one that I liked, AND IT IS CHEAP, I figured I should go for it.

Cute, right?
Motherhood Maternity one piece convertible strap suit
I have a really hard time fitting into one pieces properly, so I am hoping this works. I plan on spending a lot of time at my parents' lakehouse this summer, as well as our country club pool. Hopefully people will be more like awwww instead of ewwww when they see the pregnant girl at the pool. 

I also FINALLY got the maternity jeans I ordered from Zulily. Zulily is like Gilt or Ruelala in that it's a pop-up sale website, but it mostly sells baby stuff, baby clothes, and some stuff for moms, too. The problem with Zulily is that everything takes like a month to come in, and you can't count on it being here by a certain date. So I found these Paige boyfriend maternity jeans for $65 and thought it was worth a shot. Of course, I have no idea how to go about maternity sizing. What I thought was... I was a 30 when I got pregnant, and now I am more like a 31 in regular pants. Since I want the pants to be comfy, I will order a 32 to be on the safe side. WRONG. These pants would fit my husband. I can literally pull them up from the ground to my waist. And they're non-returnable. Awesome. So if you know someone who might fit the sizing criteria and is pregnant, I would be more than happy to make them a good deal on these pants. Otherwise, I will eventually put them on ebay. 

They should fit like this...

But instead, I need suspenders to wear mine...

To mimic the model picture, I put my Loubs on for the first time since I contracted pregnancy. Ouch.

Do yall have any maternity jeans you love or recommend? Denim is one category I am willing to pay full-price for, and my favorite designer is usually J Brand. There is a good chance I could get through the rest of my pregnancy without a pair of jeans. It's already hot, and it's only getting hotter. I don't typically wear jeans between February and October in real life, so I am not sure why I think I need them for pregnant life. 


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